Instructors and Student Testimonials


M.Y. AIR Certified Flight Instructors:

All M.Y. AIR instructors strive for excellence in all areas of instruction, demonstrating utmost professionalism and keeping up to date on training. All of our instructors have a passion for flying, and a love for instructing and sharing the experience of flying with a student. Choosing an instructor that is compatible to your personality is very important, so we have had the instructors write a brief note about themselves to give you an idea of who they are.



James: I've been flying since 2000, working at the Redlands airport for for almost 4 years, now. This airport has pretty much become my home. In the future I want to fly jets and all the heavy metal, but I would also like to fly overseas with a relief organization such as Mission Aviation Fellowship. Right now I love what I do: To see a student's face when they walk out of the cockpit after their first solo is pretty incredible! I also rock out with a couple bands, and I like to skateboard in my free time. Hopefully I will see you soon! 


I have been here for almost 6 years now flying with students, and I enjoy it very much. I have done a variety of flying, but I like the relationships I get out of flying with students; it can be more rewarding flying with students than any other kind of flying. On my off time I like to watch football(soccer), starwars, and I like to play online aviation games. See you soon.




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Student Pilot Testimonials:
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   "M.Y. AIR’s friendly staff made my flight training very enjoyable and stress-free. The flight training program at M.Y. AIR not only has very experienced instructors, but their equipment is well maintained and kept very safe. Whether I’m taking a lesson or flying solo, I am always confident that I will get what I pay for. At M.Y. AIR Flight School you can always expect fun, safe flying!" - Mike Gallinoto, private pilot 

   "I am pleased to inform everyone out there that I have very much enjoyed my training experience with M.Y. AIR. Their staff is professional, courteous, and they take great strides in mentoring a student’s confidence and operational knowledge while they progress through their training program. The staff is eager to answer any questions that you might have and is always available to assist you with your private studies." - Tom Weaver, student pilot

   "I started my quest for my private pilot certificate in 2003. I was doing research in the Inland Empire area looking for the best prices and best qualifications and found that M.Y. AIR was the place for me. I got my certificate in March of 2004, and I have been using M.Y. AIR for rentals, flight reviews, and all of my other training needs. If I did it over again I would choose M.Y. AIR, and if the time comes for me to get my instrument rating I will choose M.Y. AIR without a doubt." -Mike
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   "I have had a love for flying since I was a child, and in May of 2006 I was able to get my private pilot's license. I fly on a regular basis at M.Y. AIR and love every minute that I am in the air! With the company's past reputation deeply rooted in the city of Redlands, I wanted to respect the foundation that was created, and continue to grow a flight school that everybody loves." - Michael Youngman